Happy New Year!

We are kicking off 2016 right! Exciting times and each year brings something new our way.

2015 was amazing– personally we welcomed our third little boy to our family and feel tired, happy and complete. Professionally, we shot everything from families and couples, to businesses, commissioned artwork for a local hotel, and lots and lots of houses…we got a lot done last year, but 2016 brings some new mountains to climb.

Thank you to everyone who continue to support and challenge me.

Thank you for the referrals, which mean so much.

Thanks for trusting me to get it done, regardless of the subject. Thank you.

Praying, planning and hustling this season. Happy New Year from AJP.

Here’s a peek at the new listings hitting the market this week from some of your favorite KW agents.

Stacey Sauls | Keller Williams | Randwick Drive

Rixie Dunn | Keller Williams | Gates Avenue

Brenda Bain | Keller Williams | Emerald Point